Saturday, July 19, 2008

Vending Machine beverages: Original gravity 11 degrees percent?

Here's a good picture to sum up our first experiences in Beijing:

1. There is beer for 25 cents in the vending machines. No joke.

2. The ingredients list really says, Original gravity: 11 degrees %.

Your guess is as good as mine. :)


Lonely Paul said...



hello, make me your friend

MaryAnn said...

The original gravity refers to the alcohol content and how strong it is...

Hi Emily!

Betty H said...

Hi Emily, I think it means that after drinking the beer, the earth requires 11% more effort holding your body down to earth. Try lite beer! Love you, Aunt Betty

jo said...

total eclipse of the sun--CHINA--don't look directly at it, make a pin hole camera.

This Friday, August 1st, millions of people in China will witness a well-publicized total eclipse of the sun. Less widely reported is the partial eclipse, which *billions* of people across a quarter of the globe can observe and enjoy. Today's story from Science@NASA explores the delights of partiality.