Monday, July 21, 2008

798 Art District

I liked this larger-than-life structure. I have many more/creepier photos of this and scuffed faces like it, but I didn't want to make my blog completely morbid. :)
This painting was completed last year by a "femail artist of youth" whose style, "in regard to theme, flowers still dominate". I love the artist bios you can find in the galleries.
According to the guidebook, the 798 District takes its name from a military weapon measurement. That might explain the many military-themed structures around the place.
The steam sounded like a jet about to take off; quite a unique ambience!
I call this one, "two men and a spray painted wall".
Monroe + Mao = 2gether 4ever

This window is on the mid-level of a stairwell leading to an exhibit. I like it because, the character next to the word "zhong" (middle), looks like a smiley face.
Side of a food stand.

Today I went to the 798 Art District on the outskirts of Beijing--streets of art exhibits and galleries. My favorite was a photography studio of Tibetan peoples, but I also enjoyed a ceramics piece of a child doing a hand stand entitled, "Smile anyway".

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