Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Basic s of Beijing (this is for you, Mom and Aunt Betty :)

It has occurred to me that, while my field trips excite me, it might be nice for people back home to know what daily life is like. So this post is dedicated to the ladies in my life who like that sort of thing: my mother and aunts. :)

First thing first: This is the first thing you will see once exiting a plane, if you're anything like me. This is called, in English, a "squatter". There are of these here than toilets, and I'm at the point where I prefer them to toilets for the following reasons:

1. I feel it's cleaner; not to overshare, but there's less touching involved in the process. You figure it out. :)

2. It's a heck of a lot faster

3. It's nice to bend my knees that deeply---it's actually building my leg muscles in a simple way!

Some other weird things about the bathrooms here, which I'll post more about later:

1. Bring own soap, as none is usually provided

2. Own toilet paper, which is NOT to be thrown into the toilet or squatter, but discarded in the trash bin NEXT to the bowl. Interesting.

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Sarah said...

I noticed that it was okay to stare at others while they are using the toilet, just as it is okay to stare at them on the street. It made me cry a little. At Tiennamen there were no stall doors to the squatters and the next person would literally be standing 10 inches away from your face, looking straight at you while you tried to pee. Privacy is not a concept sometimes.