Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy almost Autumn/keeping track of my shopping list

The most random shopping list I've ever had:

1. Tide pen (stain removal)
2. Luden's cough drops (the others just don't taste as good!)
3. Time magazine
4. Baby shampoo (I did not have a baby; I need to clean makeup brushes)
5. Printer ink
6. China voltage adapter
7. Plane ticket to France (I can get one for spring break for less than $600! Must jump on this)
8. Replacement mouthwash
9. Replacement hand sanitizer for keychain
10. i had something written but i crossed it out. it must've not been important.
11. Voice recorder (I'm sick of writing quickly everything a professor says in lectures. Plus I'll use it to interview next August because the ONS has a limited number of their own)


Carolyn said...

OHH MY GOODNESS! AHHHh!!!! Do I see correctly, that you are buying a plane ticket to FRANCE????? My heart literally just leapt with JOY!!!!!! (but, if it doesn't work out, of course I will understand, but I hope you're serious!)

Carolyn said...

Never mind, I just realized how long ago this was, I'm an idiot!