Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Getting stoned--Rosetta Stone, that is

Bonjour. Le cheval saute. Les femmes courent, et un avion est bleue.
Hello. The horse jumps. The girls run, and an airplane is blue.
I can confidently have a conversation with a French native, as long as our discussion delves no more deep than simple verbs, times of day, and colors. Oh, and I suppose we can take turns counting 1 through 10, with the glorious addition of 15, 20, and 30. :) one better ask how to say twenty one, however!

My good friend's friend let me borrow his French 1 and 2 discs of Rosetta Stone, the upcoming dominant method to self-learning a new language. I've wanted to learn French for quite awhile now. Eventually I'll get around to German and Italian. My ideal language situation would be this:

English-mother tongue (check)
Spanish-proficient (check)
French-proficient (working on it)
German-proficient (haven't started)
Mandarin Chinese-basic (working on it)
Italian-basic (haven't started)

Check up with me in three years and we'll double check how the French/Mandarin is progressing, and if I've started working on Italian and German.